Cultuurkantine Dossier 1.0 + 2.0:

Along with YouthCare and Cultuurkantine I created artworks and a game with childeren whom art is not a naturally good.




Game Hilversum Museum:

With Michiel van Lierop I create the game: “Run Damien Run" . The Game is based on the work of Damien Hirst. In this game you can't die. The player gets bored and realises death is a important usefull aspect of life.




“Noodle Doodle” in collaboration with Ko de Kok:

In the stormy spring of 2011 We worked a full week in the Watertower of Oostburg. We painted meaningless shapes to emphasize meaninglessness of Art in times of crisis. Painted young girls disappear into the structure to emphasize the value of pure aesthetics.





For Lisette Ooms I animated her Logo





Together with international artist we stay in the CityArtGallery of Breda for 1 week. We talked drinked and collaborated



Mural CBK:

every week another mural in CBK Zeeland.




Zeeuwse Nieuwe:

Workweek with artists of the southern region of the Netherlands where I was born.